Chapman Students Boost Swedish Startup’s Social Media

Megan Daugherty with Josefine Åhl
Megan Daugherty with Josefine Åhl

Recently, I published a blog post Chapman Social Media Aid asking companies if they wanted student teams helping them with their social media efforts. Heeding the call was Swedish startup Oricane, a green technology company offering energy efficient software and big data solutions often reducing cost by 98% and power use by 99%.

Three young women at Chapman University (Megan Daugherty, Mollie Duner, and Gina Jue) making up a team in my undergradute Internet/Social Media Marketing class were absolutely up for the challenge. Working via Skype, email, Facebook and Twitter, the team stayed in regular contact with Oricane’s COO Josefine Åhl.

Gina Jue on Skype with Oricane COO Josefine Åhl
Gina Jue on Skype with Oricane COO Josefine Åhl

In fact, the team stayed in such close virtual contact with Oricane so that the distance between California and Luleå in Sweden’s northernmost province of Norrbotten almost seemed shorter than the distance between some other teams and their sometimes too busy Orange County-based companies. These students certainly helped improve their assigned company’s website, Facebook, and Twitter presence. Oricane COO Josefine Åhl also made me proud as she exclaimed “your students are doing a fantastic job for Oricane!”

Oricane has gained the attention of numerous industry awards and are currently nominated for the Ecosummit: Smart Green Business Network Award. The student team will continue to spread the news of the nomination for this well deserving company currently in second place. Please do vote (before May 19) for Oricane’s nomination in the Ecosummit Award!


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    Hi Niklas, thanks a lot for the post and involving your students in Ecosummit and our smart green startup award. We really do appreciate your support.

    Kind regards from Berlin,

    Jan – Ecosummit Founder ;-)

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